Zurriola Surf Eskola is the first school to offer multisurf, a summer surf programme which combines surf/bodyboard teaching with practical and theoretical lessons (1.5 hour per day). This is complemented with skate/longboard activities as well as incorporating fit balls/indo boards for coordination and balance. In the theoretical classes you will learn about meteorology, tidal range, the creation of waves, surf history, safety in the water, environmental awareness, and for the more advanced students, tips, tricks and techniques for improved performance.

The programme first began in the summer of 2011. It was a proven success and assured the continuation for future programmes. We do half day programmes, starting at 9am and continuing until 1.30pm.

We use Kursal Square for skate, long board and indo board activities. For cold or rainy days we utilize our 70m2 tatami floor for theoretical classes and coordination/balance exercises. We also have a projector for watching and analysing surf footage. During the summer we also have huts on the beach just for Zurriola Surf Eskola (between Kursal and the Restaurant) which we use for storage of boards and wetsuits as well as changing rooms, making it more convenient for beachside activities. On the last day of the programme we enjoy some snacks where you will also receive a personalized diploma.

Students are grouped together (approximately 3-5 students per teacher) according to age, surf level and previous experience in the water.

All the activities are subject to change depending on the current surf conditions. If weather is bad and we are due to surf we will change this activity for one of our other land based activities and do the surf class on another day.

All equipment is included; surfboards and wetsuits, lifejackets for the kids and also longboards, skateboards (helmets and other protective equipment), fit balls, indo boards...

*Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.30 (from 5 years and up)
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